It's time to take action: Make milk prices fair for everyone.

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Dear Elected Official:

I am writing to show my support for the Free Your Milk campaign: I, like many Canadians, would like the government to explain why we pay more for milk and dairy products than almost anywhere else in the world.

Research shows that our outdated dairy policies are pricing milk off Canadian families’ tables.

Consider this:

  1. Impact to lower-income families: 73 per cent of Canadians say the price of milk is increasing, and 42 per cent (the majority among lower income brackets) say milk is too expensive. (Source: Innovative Research Group commissioned by CRFA)
  2. Unfair to consumers: Canadians pay up to double the world market average for milk, and 63 per cent more than Americans. (Source: OECD)
  3. Barrier to a healthy staple: Milk is a healthy option for families, yet Canadians are now consuming 18 per cent less dairy today than they were 20 years ago. (Source: Statistics Canada)
  4. Hidden costs: According to the OECD, Canada’s supply management system means that as a country, we’re paying $2.4 billion dollars per year more than we should for dairy.  This is like charging a hidden tax of $70 per Canadian every year!
  5. Public support for action: A whopping 70 per cent say keeping the cost of milk and dairy products down is important, and 58 per cent of Canadians support government action to reduce the price of milk. (Source: Innovative Research Group commissioned by CRFA)

Canadians are asking you to make a change.

Government policy in Canada is making milk, cheese and other dairy products less attractive and less affordable – especially for those with lower incomes, who each day struggle to provide affordable, healthy food for their families.

The time has come for the Canadian government to re-examine how milk is priced, and come up with a system that is fair, transparent, and easier on your constituents’ pocketbooks.

A concerned Canadian